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viernes, 21 de mayo de 2010


Adobe Production CS4 4.2.0 Portable (2010) | RAR 550 Mb

Collection Portable versions of the tools from Adobe that included: Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Adobe After Effects CS4, Adobe Bridge CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4 and others. Adobe Production CS4 is positioned as a complete replacement of its "Big Brother", but with pros portability and great convenience in operation.

Year: 2010
Version: CS4 4.2.0 Portable
Developer: Adobe
The Platform: Windows
Language: English
Tabletka: Not required

* Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Final - GNU Image Manipulation
* Adobe Illustrator CS4 - 14.0 - vector graphics editor
* Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - 4.2.0 - video editor, video editing, gluing, mixing, etc.
* Adobe After Effects CS4 - - create special effects for video, editing video series, merging, overlay, etc.
* Adobe Bridge CS4 - - smotrelka media files by type AcdSee
* Adobe Extend Script Toolkit CS4 - - environment for development of scripts for programs of family Adobe
* Adobe Extension Manager CS4 - - update package installer
* Adobe Media Encoder CS4 - - encoding program of video and audio
* Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit - a program for creating / rendering video effects using GPU shaders c.
* Mocha for After Effects CS4 - - program to create the effect of binding a single video stream to another by markers
* QuickTime Picture Viewer - 7.65.518.40 - image viewer that supports all existing formats
* QuickTime Player - - player and a set of fresh codecs

Features of Adobe Production Portable:
* Compiling a ready-to-work, including to completely "naked" computer, includes everything needed to Quick Start - codecs, quicktime, pdf, AviSynth, MPC media player, etc.
* Fully portable, running on WinXP 32-64, Vista 32-64, Win7 32-64
* Avoid littering in the registry, system folders. All information is kept strictly in the folder with the program, except for cache
* All the caches can be easily configured through a special ini, choosing between the decision to keep the caches in the program folder or anywhere else.
* The settings of all programs do not depend on the sandbox. Thus, for example, you can reset the configuration files of a program (that is, in some cases, she recommends Adobe), is not afraid to interfere with other programs. For the same reason, you can easily "reset" the program, simply delete the folder «data» and all the settings in this case as well preserved.

* The installation takes exactly 5 seconds - just unzip to any folder


Video2brain: Practical Training Photography Landscape and Nature (2010) | RAR 3 Gb

video2brain: Practical Training Landscape & Nature Photography - Join Uli Staiger live on photo tour! See how diverse landscapes at the appropriate time to be put into perfect light. It gives you the techniques and principles of design to the hand, the corresponding background and a lot of tips for atmospheric compositions. Always included: The thought of the post, because even great images can only be developed and perfected by the possibilities of Photoshop. Join with all image files and testing!

Release Date February 2010
Manufacturer: video2brain
Homepage: www.video2brain.com/de/products-548.htm
Language: German
Duration: 8 hours
Format:. Iso

Join us on a journey through light and country! We are here for you back and forth driven by the Styria, to photograph the most prominent places. The training is based on the pictures, which are incurred during this trip. You get no idealized stock images from the pole, but images that illuminates the many facets of the challenges that we are in the landscape photography shall be: From getting up early before sunrise to high contrast and images that take place in the twilight.

Uli Staiger recorded live, which is for technical and artistic moments, the shooting situation important. Experienced such a range of tips and opportunities to shape your pictures. Also tricky lighting situations such as backlighting or reflections of the sun on a water surface will be explained.

A situation requires intensive post-processing in Photoshop, so even at the recording a rough outline is presented in detail what is expected to be due to work. This allows the steps of the post-processing to the minimum necessary to reduce or optimize the recording conditions.

With the subject raw conversion and image enhancement, you get the most out of your image files. If you want to edit their own older data, see the chapters about the contrast, - lens and color correction invaluable help. Also advanced level techniques, and issues black and white photography and digital darkroom technique are an important part of the training.

In addition to these classical techniques a few special treats waiting for you:
So you can photograph in part to new creative techniques known as light painting or painting flash learn and learn how to create with a moving camera and long exposures, unique images. And you will learn how to create a completely normal landscape photograph a miniature landscape that acts like the Toy Land ...

From the contents:

Fundamentals and technique - This chapter is devoted to the equipment and basic techniques in photography. They learn to recognize what is already found in the admission consideration will fail in the picture effect or not to keep a low as possible later processing.

Cultural Landscapes - The photographer is chasing the light - you learn in this chapter, typical recordings of familiar landscapes - from early morning to late evening. For every example you explained Uli Staiger, can be achieved with what settings the best visual effect.

Natural light form - the correct recording date determines the mood of the picture. In this chapter you will learn, among other things, how you deal with extreme light situations, how to depict the sun radiating reflections in the water or how to capture panoramas with fog atmosphere.

Special techniques - a moving camera creates ever more creative images. If the camera on a tripod, with some great Kreativbilder techniques also are possible. Among others, the photographer shows you how to use the creative techniques and Flash Light Painting Painting.

Raw converter - When you are finished with the recordings can be, you go ahead to develop the first pictures. Here, the raw converter is helpful. Get initially but an overview of the created images to take appropriate corrective action.

Level techniques - For much of the work ranges from the raw converter. However, there are a lot of corrective measures that do not work with it. Do you want to combine, for example, pictures with each other is a nondestruktive work of considerable benefit. Get to know in this chapter, the level techniques used here.

Contrast and Lens - This section is about contrast and lens corrections in detail. Among other things, you learn the most important tools to know Levels, how to correct the bright and dark image areas and which sharpening can be used profitably.

Color correction - color correction can be carried out in various ways in Photoshop. For example, you can, neutral colors in warm tones, contact entry or subsequently to photo filter. Uli Staiger will show here also simple techniques to conjure images of summer an autumn reception.

Black & White - This section is the black and white conversion in the center. Get to know techniques that allow you to emphasize a graphically-looking landscape picture more clearly. With toning and adding the list of grain, however, you have your pictures appear old.

Retouching and combining - all areas are not always welcome here in the picture. But if there is no way to change the location of the shooting, do not send an image and edit it after simply touching tools. Look in this section, an insight into this correction techniques.

Darkroom techniques - In this chapter you will learn about different techniques, are complex subjects as possible easy to release. As you subsequently perfecting the selection and what are the correlations between the selection, mask and alpha channel, is also the subject of the following videos.

The Look - The Look is known recordings, can be assigned to a particular brand. As you look within certain limits can also transferred to landscapes is the subject of this chapter. You will learn among other non-destructive methods for dodging and burning or how you lift with special techniques the contrast.

Extra-Workshop: Miniature Landscape - recognize a photograph of a model system suggests that it is not a real landscape photograph. This is mainly because there is a very clear relation between size of recording medium and the size of the object. Learn to create in this chapter, as you from real images, a model host.

- 512 MB RAM
- DVD drive
- Sound card, speakers or headphones
- At least 1024x768 resolution screen
- Windows XP / Vista or Mac OS X
- Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or G5




Video2brain: Power-Workshops 3D in Photoshop (2010) | RAR 3 Gb

video2brain: Power Workshops 3D in Photoshop - make objects, texture, integrate in 2D. Since Photoshop has learned to deal with 3D data, has done a lot. 3D models can be loaded move, level, texture, and so perfectly integrated into the workflow. This video training requires no previous experience in 3D. The extensive introductory chapter you will learn to create your first 3D model, and about to move the Programmoberflaeche to illuminate models, materials from different textures together and assigned to less virtual objects, realistic-looking materials.

Release Date January 2010
Manufacturer: video2brain
Homepage: www.video2brain.com/de/products-539.htm
Language: German
Platform: Windows XP / Vista or Mac OS X 10.1
Format:. Iso

Where the creation of new models has its limitations in Photoshop, go to CINEMA 4D.Vier easy hands-on workshops to facilitate the entry and strengthen your knowledge, challenging four workshops offer the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of 3D modeling. With all the 3D data, free useless and changeable. Cinema 4D is not a requirement, you can download the uebungsdaten directly into Photoshop or fall back on 2D data.

Uli Staiger will lead you through this video training about the basics of 3D technology in Photoshop CS4 Extended! The photographer and photo editor and loving it is known for its extraordinary wealth composing, which he often implemented using Photoshop's 3D engine. He lectures, video training, articles and books are popular sources of knowledge for advanced Photoshop users.

The training is based on the possibilities, provides the Photoshop waits, ie with a known interface. You can thus build on existing knowledge, because the 3D models that you will work in Photoshop are 100% compatible with known tools such as adjustment layers, filters, or Smart Object. You also get an insight into the world of CINEMA 4D, the four of the objects used have been modeled.

From the contents:

Basics in 3D - This chapter focuses on the basics of 3D processing. In addition to the basic concepts and preferences, you will learn how to move objects in the 3D space, control the camera properly or influence with the filters of the range of the look of your 3D objects.

Practice Workshops - Learn techniques in this chapter to quickly and easily create objects in 3D. In the workshops, you create a lifebuoy with texture, creating a planet to form a molecule or create a mountain range, which can find use as a basis for photomontages.

Highspeed photographs - In this chapter you are recording to high speed - these are pictures in ultra-short exposure times. In the example, an apple is seemingly pierced by a bullet. Apple, background, splashes and escaping steam are assembled in Photoshop, while the bullet constructed in CINEMA 4D, is textured and rendered.

Wind power plant - this is about a generator that produces electricity using wind power to position in a landscape. For this first the entire landscape is created with dramatic skies and then imported the plant from CINEMA 4D. Lighting, and materials are yet to adapt in order to let the real plant.

Airship fantasy landscape - Learn about the techniques in this chapter to create a believable fantasy landscapes. In a second step, the landscape in the airship from CINEMA 4D is inserted into the scene. changes to the materials and the adjustment of the light mood in Photoshop Composing the perfect.

Rocket - See it in this chapter, as is from a television tower, a rocket that flies into space. The scene builds Uli Staiger in Photoshop, the engine will be created in CINEMA 4D. In the last section, the 3D structure is built into the scene and greatly eclipsed by light.

- 512 MB RAM
- DVD drive
- Sound card, speakers or headphones
- At least 1024x768 resolution screen
- Windows XP / Vista or Mac OS X
- Pentium 4 2.6 GHz or G5




Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection (CS5) 2010 MultiLanguajes 3 Disk
[ RAR | 12 GB | Uploader: Blade Master 666 ]


[ DVD1: 5.13 Gb | DVD2: 6.96 Gb | DVD3: 539 Mb ]

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5 Cuente su historia de principio a fin con una oferta integral. Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5 le permite diseñar y desarrollar el trabajo increíble, colaborar de manera efectiva, y entregar en cualquier lugar. Crear una identidad corporativa utilizando Illustrator CS5 para involucrar a su
audiencia en línea.
Utiliza las nuevas Flash CS5 catalizador para que sea parte de una interfaz expresivo, interactivas sin escribir código.


Información Adicional:

Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection 5 le permite diseñar y desarrollar el trabajo increíble, colaborar de manera efectiva, y entregar en cualquier lugar. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Colección de software ofrece una completa para el diseño de herramientas a través de los medios. El Hilton mejoras que incluyen nuevas formas tocreate contenido interactivo, el rendimiento, y integrationwith nuevo Adobe CS servicios en línea Live para impulsar la productividad.

Amplíe su alcance creativo
Crear una identidad corporativa utilizando Illustrator CS5 para involucrar a su audiencia en línea. Utiliza las nuevas Flash CS5 catalizador para que sea parte de una interfaz expresivo, interactivas sin escribir código.

Diseño y entregar experiencias de inmersión
Con Flash Professional CS5 para involucrar a su audiencia con micrositios y los juegos sencillos que presentan sus diseños constantemente a través de computadoras de escritorio, navegadores y dispositivos móviles.

Lleve a su historia a cualquier pantalla
EnhanceHD producciones de vídeo con imágenes de alta resolución desde Photoshop CS5Extended. Agregar efectos complicados usando After Effects CS5 y editdramatically más rápido en Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Principales componentes:

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
Adobe Illustrator CS5
Adobe InDesign CS5
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
Adobe Contribute CS5
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Adobe After Effects CS5
Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Adobe OnLocation CS5
Adobe Encore CS5
Adobe Flash Professional CS5
Adobe Flash Builder 4
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Adobe Fireworks CS5

Componentes Adicionales:

Adobe Bridge CS5
Adobe Device Central CS5
Adobe Dynamic Link

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection (CS5) 2010 MultiLanguages 3 Disk
[ RAR | 12 GB | Uploader: Blade Master 666 ]


PhotoshopCAFE: PhotoshopSecrets Wacom Tablets And Photoshop CS4 | RAR 753 Mb

Photoshop Secrets - Wacom Tablets and Photoshop CS4 - A "must have" for tablet users. This is the 3rd edition of THE best-selling video on Wacom tablets and Photoshop. The most complete training on the Wacom Tablet and Adobe Photoshop ever! This fully updated video will show you how to unleash the power and creativity that only comes from a pressure-sensitive tablet. Set up your tablet correctly and stop working like a mouse user in Photoshop. Two of the Top instructors in the industry combine their talents to bring you a video that will totally change the way you approach graphics on your computer.

Type: Training
Release Date: 11/12/08
Homepage: www.photoshopcafe.com/video/products/CS4_Wacom.htm
Language: English
File Format: .bin/cue
File Size: 753 Mb

If you currently own, or are considering a pen tablet or Cintiq, this video is one of the best investments you can make. Stop mousing around and finally take control of your Wacom Tablet and Photoshop CS4.


KelbyTraining: Mastering HDR in Photoshop CS5 | RAR 1 Gb

KelbyTraining: Mastering HDR in Photoshop CS5 - HDR is one of the hottest trends in digital photography. And now Photoshop CS5 has an entirely new set of features aimed at getting you great HDR photos right out of Photoshop (with no 3rd party plug-ins). In this DVD, HDR pro Matt Kloskowski shows you how to put those new features to work to create some killer HDR photos.

Release Date: 20 April 2010
Home: www.kelbytraining.com/product/mastering-hdr-in-adobe-photoshop-cs5.html
Language: English
File Format: .flv
Runtime: 02:07:25

You'll learn things like:
- What you need to do in-camera to capture HDR photos
- A detailed look at each setting inside CS5's new HDR Pro tool
- How to use Photoshop to make your HDR photos even better
- HDR settings to create the high-impact fantasy/surreal style photo
- Start to Finish workflows for Lightroom, Photoshop, and Camera Raw

We'll cover a lot of different HDR styles and you'll see that creating any of them is just a matter of using the same sliders but in a slightly different way. You'll also find out how to incorporate HDR into your photographic workflow so the whole process feels seamless. In the end, whatever your taste is, HDR in Photoshop CS5 can help you transform your images into amazing photos and this DVD will help you get there.

This DVD will teach you:
- What is HDR?
- Shooting HDR Photos
- How many photos do you really need?
- Photoshop's HDR Pro Quickstart
- Edge Glow Settings
- Tone and Detail Settings
- Color & Curves
- The Deghosting Controls
- Post processing using Adobe Camera Raw
- Finishing in Photoshop
- HDR Settings for the Surreal Fantasy Style
- HDR Night Photos
- HDR with a Moving Subject
- Pseudo HDR from just one photo
- HDR From Start to Finish with Lightroom
- HDR From Start to Finish with Bridge


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